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    I have 2 broodies with a total of 24 eggs under them that are due to hatch next Sunday. I am going to leave them with their 'mama's separate from the rest of the flock. I am not sure what to feed them all. Should I feed chick feed and the hens can have that as well?
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    Starter chick feed is a great choice. It has everything the chicks need to get a good start in life. The broody hens have been living mostly off of fat stored before they went broody so that higher protein feed will help get them back on the road to recovery too. It has everything they need until they starts laying eggs again. Then the hens will need extra calcium.
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    Put the calcium where the chicks can't get to it. excessive calcium is very bad for chicks. I had this situation come up this last week when a broody hen of mine surprised me with 4 chicks! I am not feeding them medicated chick feed because the chicks have already been exposed to everything , being hatched in the coop. Besides, I am not sure medicated chick feed is good for the adults. I used Purina Start and Grow unmedicated in the yellow bag. This week I bought Purina Flockraiser which is good for all ages ( including chicks) and it is 20% protein ,which I really like. Honestly, I have my chicks with their mama hen and I don't have any calcium in there with her. She is busy raising chicks now, not laying and I worry about the chicks getting ahold of the calcium chips. I also put Goat Nutri-Drench in their water ( 2ml for a one qt. waterer) for the 1st month to get them off to a strong start. It is great for the adults too. I think it is an important nutritional supplement.
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