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  1. catzinthehouse

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    May 29, 2011
    Hello Everyone,

    This year we decided to add to our adventures white broad breasted turkeys. Feed store said to feed them the chicken broiler feed. We now have started feeding our chickens organic no soy feed and our salesman brought to our attention there is special turkey feed but not soy free but is organic. Being soy free is very important so would like to know if others use chicken feed and do well and what are turkeys missing if they eat chicken feed? Will turkeys be ok eating chicken feed? If chicken feed what % is best? Do I take feed away at night like Cornish X and at what age? Turkeys are currently five weeks. BTW we know not to mix chickens with turkeys and there living quarter sizes. Thanks a lot I appreciate all your input. Dee
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    I feed gamebird feed to the poults. It is a higher protein than just chick starter, in most cases. Sometimes you can find chick starter with the same % of protein as chick starter. You can get turkey feed also but not sure what the protein % is for that.
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    I used a 28% turkey starter I got from the local elevator until they are about two months, then switch to Flock Raiser combined with grazing. The starter was made by Prince Feeds; it's pricey though, 17$ for 50lbs.
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    Jun 5, 2011
    We feed ours something called Meat bird? I will have to go double check the bag.
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    Quote:x2 except my started in made by nutrina
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    Mine get gamebird and run with the hens with no issues. Thinking about switching everyone to layer so they can range together and I don't have thin shell issues
  7. MissTurkey4

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    Mar 29, 2011
    Turkeys and chickens have a different vitamin and mineral needs. For example turkeys need 4 times more calcium than a chicken needs.
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    Feb 17, 2013
    I was wondering the same thing!
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    Broad-breasted turkeys can be raised on straight meat-maker type chicken feeds (21% protein). I would not do this, but I have a friend who does it every year. They will not grow as fast as broad-breasteds raised on higher protein feeds. Heritage turkeys do less well on lower protein than BB. As with others, I start all of my turkeys with a 30% gamebird starter. I switch to a 24% gamebird grower at 6 to 8 weeks for heritage birds, and whenever the first bag runs out for BB turkeys.
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    Feb 22, 2012
    thanks for the info folks
    we have a pair of bronze turkeys that we plan to use for breeding come spring
    i have them on grower pellets & i add some cracked corn in with it too

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