what to have in the coop?


11 Years
Apr 5, 2008
I am a new chick owner of 6 pullet Rhode Island Reds (2 weeks) and preparing the outdoor coop and run. We live in a desert climate with very low humidity, hot summers (110-115'F), mild winters (lows usually in 20's at coldest), and rain only several times a year (little or no snow).

I am wondering if a wire bottom coop is OK (with a metal pull out pan underneath (perhaps putting litter in the pull out pan for easier clean up)? OR if litter (pineshavings) is best?

Do you keep a feeder and waterer in the coop also, or only in the run?

Our run will be in the sand. I plan to put pine shavings in the nesting boxes in the coop.

Thank you for any info:)


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12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Check out the web site in my signature. My coop has a metal floor but it is wider pieces of wire than hardware cloth. I think it is easier on their feet also. I put in wooden sheets in the winter with pine shavings and have it open to help ventilate it in the summer.

I have both my feeder and waterer hung in my coop but I also have a flower pot saucer that I keep filled with water in the run.

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