What to include in homemade feed?

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    I am considering homemade chicken feed. What are the most important feed ingredients? Right now they (4 hens) are on a free range layer feed which includes BOSS, barley, lupin, wheat, corn kernels, triticale and grit among other things. I want to try to reproduce this if possible, as buying this feed commercially is pretty expensive. What do you use in your homemade feed? Is it actually worth it? Any ratios and percentages would be helpful too.



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    Unless you can grow all your own grains, I think you'll find buying a mix is just as cheap as trying to make it yourself.

    Most commercial blends include vitamin and mineral supplements also

    That said, any mix of grain that gives you the needed protein and nutrient levels will work.
    Chickens don't care about "variety" nearly as much as humans

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