What to keep on hand...and a ? about sugar

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    My chicks will be here in a day or so. The brooder is ready but what types of things should I have on hand to treat common chick issues? Here's my partial list that I have gleaned from various posts:

    -band-aids (spraddle leg splint or curled foot)

    -Vaseline (pasty butt)

    -sugar for their water*

    -Sulmet (in the water, too? When?)


    *Karo syrup would mix better with the water, wouldn't it? What about Pedialyte? I have that, can I use it instead? How long do you give them sugar water /Pedialyte?
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    don't forget vitamins
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    I would use Amprol/Corid instead of Sulmet for chicks, but that's a personal preference. Sulmet is hard on their system. This is a medication used for coccidiosis - - and only with a good diagnosis.

    You may wish to search this forum and do some Google searches for good, general information about chicken health as you begin your project. There's a lot to read out there. In the next few months you may want to read up on parasites/worms, respiratory issues, coccidiosis, nutrition, etc.

    I keep a wide variety of things in my med cabinet, but a few you may want to consider are:

    * Quick Stop powder to stop bleeding
    * Towels and rags
    * Oxine (chlorine hydroxide)
    * Antibiotic ointment that does not contain any "---caine" ingredients
    * Poly-vi-sol infant drops WITHOUT iron

    Good luck, and enjoy your chicks!

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