what to keep???


9 Years
Feb 15, 2010
i have 21 keets and ive got to send 10 to a friend that my mom works with and i ve got, white, the chipmonk ones and either a pied or royal purple, and one bronze, i think as soon as i figure out how to upload images from my camera i will. but out of those assumptions (SP) which ones should i keep?? thanks 4 looking
yea i can do that but are there any differences between them besides color??? and i have 2 lavender.
From all I have been reading, they all seem to be the same wild

I don't believe they are characterized like chickens with one breed friendlier
then the other...
It all depends on what you want to do with your flock. If you like all of the colors ranging out in the grass then keep two of each color. It is pretty neat to see them wandering around with all the different colors.

I chose to keep my colors pure so I keep only lavenders.

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