What to look for in a breeding rooster?

Feb 17, 2021
Somewhere down in Texas
Hi everyone. I have 2 EE roosters in my flock and I’m wondering what to look for in a good breeding rooster. I’m leaning toward the 2nd one because he has muffs and a beard, whereas the 1st one has no muffs/beard.

1- BB55C356-BE60-40FF-B473-76B67FFBD5DB.jpeg AC3EC0D1-F890-4F47-A9E5-8CE1A5B13BD3.jpeg 4C70212D-B90C-43B9-9D26-9302DF7D4BA0.jpeg

2- 79DE6CB4-5E94-4216-8559-AC8237002C11.jpeg 4162D8B0-C847-4C3C-ADE9-EF612679703B.jpeg 213469BE-F281-45B0-A9E5-06E65C2A3CBD.jpeg
Feb 1, 2021
They both look beautiful! I had to do this with my three silkie roos. I wanted it to be somewhat friendly and to look good. Big combs are always great and if you notice one is more pretty than the other, its descendants are going to look a lot like him :)


9 Years
Feb 15, 2012
I like them both! The gold birchen looking guy has nice muffs which is always a cool luck! The otherone has a nice wingbow which Im sure will cross nicely with hens who are carrying the duckwing genes.

I also like my roosters docile but ones who are proven at mating! I might have to keep them both 😂 Also if you remember who came from the bluest eggs that will give you better chance of daughters who lay nice blue eggs! Cheers!

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