What to look for in SILKIES, COCHINS, and WYANDOTTES

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  1. blueoval1

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    Oct 21, 2008
    Raleigh N.C.
    I am going to a show this weekend and want to purchase the following breeds what do i need to look for.




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  2. blueoval1

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    Oct 21, 2008
    Raleigh N.C.
    Any one please [​IMG]
  3. Sonoran Silkies

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    Jan 4, 2009
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    All birds: somewhat clean, but not necessarily as clean as birds that are shown; NO parasites or evidence of them; bright clear eyes and alert attitude (healthy), a seller who takes time to answer your questions and teach you about the birds he or she has to offer--just realize that there are times at a show when someone is very busy doing last minute grooming or tending to their birds. If they are part of the show staff or breed club, they may have duties there.

    Take cash (not all will accept checks) and be prepared to make a quick decision. Until money has changed hands a fair number of people do not believe a deal has been struck. I have known people to become upset when they said they wanted a bird, but made no effort to pay for it right away, and another buyer came and expressed interest and had money in hand.

    assuming you are looking for exhibition or breeding birds,
    5 toes per foot
    full crest
    good beard (if bearded, or complete lack of beard if non-bearded)
    heavy foot feathering
    tightly held wings (not droopy)
    dark eyes
    dark comb & skin (the darker the better)
    walnut comb
    correct plumage for the variety

    type: body overall round,
    tail round, soft and smaller than body,
    head/crest round and proportionately about the same amount smaller than the tail as the tail is than the body.
  4. seedcorn

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    Apr 25, 2007
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    In bantams wyandottes, get a good picture of standard birds, then good luck. Depending on color what you'll find in type. Whites, silver laced are decent in color and type. Partridge (what I have) are not so good in type (too much like cochin tail instead of wyandotte tail).

    Bantam cochins should look like a basketball with softballs for legs and volleyball for tail. How's that for a description??? Watch their combs that they are about average and not real small or leghorn floppy.

    Silkies........who would want them????? just kidding, no idea.
  5. pipermark

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Look at the birds that are entered into the show. Then go look in the for sale section for something as close to the ones that are entered.
  6. Katy

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    One of the things to look for in a wyandotte is the body should have a heart shape when you look at it from the side.
  7. nosduj

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    Feb 8, 2009
    Thanks, I am going to be going to a show and this is really good info.
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