what to look for when buying an Incubator


8 Years
May 27, 2011
Hello I'm new to this stuff. I"m wanting to get into hatching my own eggs I just dont know what to look for in purchasing an incubator or what is the better type of incubator to get.
depends on how many eggs you want to hatch, and what your budget is.
I have been looking for this answer too.....im thinking around 12-20 eggs? Any suggestions on a small size for begginers or is the hoverbator the way to go?
Glad you posted this! Since I work 12 hr night shifts and am not here for up to 15+ hrs at a time, I REALLY need an incubator that I can rest assured that the humidity and temp will stay pretty well where they are supposed to. I do have a hubby and daughter that can check on them, but don't want to HAVE to rely on them to correct temps, etc.

I don't mind spending a few hundred $$$ for the peace of mind to know they will be okay. I know the bigger incubators cost way more than that, and I am sure I'll want one at some point, but need to not spend a fortune just right now if possible.

Almost any incubator other than the infamously terriable LG ( little Giant ) chick killer would be a safe bet. Please don't buy an LG even though some dillusional people have managed to hatch a chick or 2 from them, don't even think about getting one, they are Made in China and are nothing but Junk.

WTS the Hovabator's & Genisis brands work good as well as the Brinsea are all very good choices. get one with a fan/forced air and don't forget an egg turner. That should have you fixed right up, good luck.

P.S............ remember NO LG, NO LG, NO LG.
Thanks for that info. I would be really peeved if I got an LG and didn't know better and then hated it! Is one brand better than the others for any specific reason?? I'm going to be looking for a used Genesis, but looking into the Hovabators and Brinsea as well. I'd like to hatch 25-50 eggs at a time. Probably more later......
Could not AGREE more, I have the Little Giant and I would maybe give it 1 star out of 5. It's terrible!!!!! It might look like a good price, but when you add a turner and a fan, then you're better off just paying for the 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator
Thanks everyone for the information. I will get looking for one now that i have a few ideas. Thanks again

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