What to put in the run?

first time farmer

11 Years
Dec 31, 2008
New Hampshire
I just made a new run for my chickens as the old one was too small for 14 chickens. Right now it is just your regular old dirt. Next weekend i will be putting the finishing touches on it. These are the bird netting to go ove the top so they cant fly out and the run floor. So to my question. Should i put sand in there or leave it the way it is?

Any advice is more than welcome
You don't need anything in it, if you don't want. Sand is good if you will have a muddy run. My chickens free range all day so they spend very little time in the run. I usually put a couple inches of lawn clippings or leaves in it. Congrats on the new run.

Imp- My run is cleaner than the deck.
I have dirt in mine. It used to be grass of course!
I also set up a few logs and such for them to jump on, they don't seem to mind. I'm sure sand would work too. Easy to clean if needed and they munch on it too!
I think we've had the same amount of rain right down here to your south. My sandy run has not puddled one bit. It also dries pretty fast.

Mine is so muddy my mom yells at me every time i come in from the coop because my chippewas are all muddy and i track it in the house than she makes me clean it lol pain in the rear lol thats one more reason to use sand

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