what to save for winter? weeds wise etc ??? for chickens to eat later can they also eat dried inne


7 Years
Nov 23, 2013
green beans, you know, the green bean seeds?
lady on here mentioned a grandma journal I beilieve.. In which the grandma went out and cut stuff tied it up and stored in baarn for the winter for her chickens....
what might she have saved???
My dry dry dry big yard cant find may weed ostly bermuda grass. Cant even find chickweed>>>>>
suggestions yall?
Why not just stock pile every yard clipping and waste in a compost pile? If you can't free range, just put it in the corner of the run where you can easily add to it. The pile will be scratch through all winter.

What grandma was going was basically making hay or dried forage. Just go by a small bale of alfalfa hay (50-75#). You can either just place the entire bale of hay in the run without cutting the strings and let them peck at it or open the bale and feed them a flake (section) every few days as they clean it up. It gives them the greens they need to keep their yolks bright orange all winter long.

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