What to use as bedding for run?

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    Sep 17, 2015
    I've done a lot of reading about what to use for flooring in an outdoor run, and the more I read the more confused I am about what to do! I did a bit of research before getting my ducks, and built their run with sand on one side and slate on the other.


    The idea was that the slate was fast draining (which I thought was important as the pond was there) and easy to clean as I could simply hose it off and the poop would flush through it. Unfortunately, the slate is a nightmare to keep clean - actually near impossible - and now despite my best efforts the run is disgusting (the picture above was taken when the ducks first moved in, I can't bring myself to post a now picture [​IMG]). Sand seemed to be a popular choice, and although it's easy to keep clean, I struggle with finding a decent way to dispose of it as I scrape up the poop as I can't add it to my compost heap.

    I've done some reading about deep litter, which seems to me to be the best thing to replace my sand + slate with, as wood chippings and straw are readily available where I live, but I can't tell if they're suitable for outside use? It rains a lot here, and I don't want it ending up in a big boggy mess! (that's the reason I took the time to add slate+sand in the first place rather than leaving a bare dirt floor).

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    it's up to you really.. since each person has his/her own preferences

    i used pine shavings for the floor of my coop right off the bat.. but i left the floor of the run bare earth pretty much (movable run)

    but i noticed the manure on bare ground will stay set and smelly for a long time and attracted a lot of flies + you can smell it

    so i also put the pine shavings on the floor of the run too (only half though).. since i want to see how it will change

    and true.. with some type of bedding that can help control odor and moisture .. it's better

    since dried, odorless manure will not attract as much flies as wet, smelly manure

    *the bare earth around here is mainly clay type dirt/soil

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