What to use for bedding?


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7 Years
Oct 29, 2012
Have a batch of eggs due to hatch at the end of this coming week. What kind of bedding is best to use in the brooder? I have also heard it is best to cover the bedding with something for the first couple of days so they don't eat it. Can I just use an old towel?

I've always just used pine shavings. They go on it from day one and I've never had a problem with chicks eating the shavings. I introduce them to the waterer and feeder when I put them in and that's that. I do often put the feeder on a flat piece of wood just to catch some of what they toss out so more gets eaten instead of lost in the bedding.
I used pine shavings also, sometimes I will use just a folded puppy pad for the first day until I'm sure they have their footing, then I put pine shavings in.

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