What to use for dust baths?


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10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
I am going to get playsand for the chickens to have a dust bath. I also heard about using ashes from the fireplace. Can I use ashes from charcoal grill? What else could I use? Can I mix them and make my own ultimate dust bath solution?
I have some nice sawdust in a pile near the house and I mix it in with some soil in the runs and the coops and my chickens,pheasants and peacocks all seem to love it!
My chickens pen has a sand floor, so they just dig holes to dust bathe in.
I sometimes put ashes from our wood burning grill, or DE, if I have it, in their holes.
Mine in the winter get Ashes from woodstove. My brother in law has outdoor burner and he gives me a 55 gallon drum and I burn so that is what I use in the winter.

Summer time I mix it up. I use sawdust from the school wood working shop and mine. I sometimes turn up the ground in a certain area of their pen.

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