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    Sep 14, 2008
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    With brand-new puppies? I mean really brand-new, born yesterday [​IMG] One of my dad's beagles had 5 pups yesterday morning, and she is an outside dog. I was looking at her babies, and the first one I picked up had a flea on its little bitty neck [​IMG] I know I can't use anything on them, and I'm thinking I can't on mama either, right? When can I, and what can I use? Do I have to wait until she is done nursing them? I try to help take care of this dog, well, most of his animals actually, but this dog especially. She was my son's, until a different one of dad's dogs had pups, then my dad 'traded' my 4 y/o the pup for the older dog. Really ticks me off, dad evidently thinks a 4 y/o is capable of making a deal like that [​IMG] So I still treat her as if she were mine.

    Anyway, so when can I use something on her, and what can I use? And the puppies? When and what? Do they have to be a certain weight before I can use something on them?
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    You can use a flea comb on them, when you get one, dip it into a bowl of water with lots of dish soap. That will kill the flea. If they were inside, you could bathe them in dish soap, but it is too cold to bathe them if they are outside. Is there any way mom and pups could come inside for a few weeks? Otherwise those fleas are going to suck the life right out of those poor pups!
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    Couldn't you just dust them with DE?

    However, you want to cover their nose and mouth with a rag or something so that they don't breathe the particles in while you're doing it.

    Hopefully someone can give you more input on that. I've never done it, but I don't understand why it wouldn't.
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    I would put Advantage on mom!
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    Quote:yes, I agree, and from the vet, not advantage you get online or at a farm supply store, its just not the same thing.
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    Quote:I have both dogs and cats and have found that the Frontline works better for my dogs and that the Advantage works better for my cats. Can't explain it, don't understand it, but I stick with it!

    I bu the largest amount (55lb dog and up) on eBay and get a much better deal than I can get at my vet.
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    Advantage or Frontline will work, both come from the vet and you can buy one large tube and then break it uo into smaller doses. PM me for the dosage chart if you need it.
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    Quote:I agree, thats what I did when our boxer had pups this past summer. It not only help her it does help the pups also and its safe for her to have it on!!
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    Apr 22, 2009
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    But I think the OP wants to know if it can be put on pups....and I don't think it can.

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