what to use for the top of my run

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    We are going to use our old dog kennel area for a big run for the birds. The runs are probably about 16'X32' maybe a little bigger. They are 2 runs connected and butted up against the side of a barn. What will be the best cost effective way to cover the run to keep the birds in. On our turkey run we used plastic netting I think it was called deer fencing it was just strands of black plastic in a grid pattern, it has worked pretty good as far as keeping birds in, but last winter it collapsed and pulled apart because of snow building up on it. Is there something better? What did you use??
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    I had this same issue with our run cover...that black sheer netting. Kept out hawks but horrible for the snow. This Spring I am biting the bullet and installing that fiberglass roofing. I would do it now but I need to build a frame for it first...it needs support. I don't want another collapse next winter. Sometimes there is no cheap answer when it comes to snow. If rain was the only issue, I would use a good quality tarp. But living in New England, its just another added expense to add to the cost of living....I wonder why we stay here! [​IMG]
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    The cheapest run cover I ever heard of is stout string or twine run back and forth and back and forth and back and forth across the top .... close enough so a chicken can't fly out or a hawk can't fly in. Of course it'll do no good against the likes of a raccoon.
    WAITER!! I ordered Crab Rangoon!!
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