What to use in nestboxes?


6 Years
Jun 18, 2013
I have tried nice soft alfalfa hay and they dug it out, then I tried shavings looked like it was snowing when they dug that out to.What to do?
I have Timothy grass in two of my boxes and straw in another. They won't use the straw.
I used straw at first, they didn't really like it. Then I used the small shavings, they are very fine. If they are digging it out maybe you are putting too much in? They like to have a little "dish" to sit in so they will push it to the sides.
Straw is the only thing I'll use, started with pine shavings and it was just a mess. Mine dug through the boxes at first but once more chickens started laying they have stopped digging and there is now a real nest
Thanks to all for responding, maybe when the others start to lay they will stop the digging as of right now only one started laying this week, maybe I'm putting to much in i'll leave it alone and see how it goes when the others start. Thanks.
How high of an edge do you have on the boxes? I like a good 4" or more, most of the boxes you see for sale seem to have very low edges and the girls are bad about digging stuff out of boxes with low edges.
My edges are only an inch didn't really think they needed to be taller when I built them. Maybe I'll try making them taller.
Just added a 1x3 piece of pine to the front of the nestboxes this morning to make it deeper in the boxes added more shavings to make a nice nest had my first egg with in an hour of doing this. Thanks for the idea guess I just have to be smarter than the chickens:)

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