what to use to wrap the run panels.

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    May 18, 2014
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    I will get pics tomorrow when I am off from work but am hoping to find or get suggestions. I have a 5x5x4 coop that has 4 nest boxes, and a roost. the only thing the girls do in there is sleep and lay. Attached to the coop are 6 or 7 10 ft chain link panels. They form a large area for everyone to move around in, scratch,peck and do what chickens do. There are three 12 ft tall shrubbery type bushes and a lot of rassberry bushes, some old tee stumps and branches in the area. The one end of the run is squared off and roofed 6 ft out into the middle. I keep the food and water under this roof instead of in the coop as there isnt a lot of room in there. I want to cover the sides that are on the roofed end of the run. Ive seen people talk about using shower curtains, or heavy guage plastic sheeting and I am at a loss for how to go about using either one. I'd like to maybe be able to roll up the cover if it isnt snowing or very windy- and let it down as needed but this would require only securing it permanantly at the top. How then would I keep it from blowing all over the place> ? Uggg.... to many things to figure out for winter. I keep reminding myself that till next year i will have all of this down pat and the season change won't have me running around like a you know what with its head cut off. :-/
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    I bought some clear tarps from Tarpaflex and was very happy with them. They don't seem to have the 6 x 20 size that I bought anymore. There are other vendors of course. More expensive than shower curtains, but they will last a lot longer and hold up to a lot more wind. I don't have the time or inclination to replace stuff after every major storm.
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    Sep 11, 2014
    X2. I buy clear reinforced tarps from tarpsplus.com. I use chainlink kennel panels too, so stapling poly wouldn't work. I just zip tie them to the 10ft panels, works like a dream.

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