what treat did you start with?


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What was your chicks first treat? And at what age?
I am so keen to give mine little bundles of fuzz some spoiling.
Who knew I would fall in love with chickens!
I gave my finely chopped boiled egg. I think the chicks were about a week old at the time. I thought I was going to lose the skin on my hand when I was feeding them.
scrambled eggs. The first time you put them in the brooder, they just look at them. I only leave the eggs in with them for a couple of hours. Second time you do it they eat them right up. Then you can use an egg treat to tame them. They will jump right up on your hands and scarf. Like the poster above said....lucky if you have skin left on your hands. It is fun!!
I fill a frisbee with sand and added some "injured" bugs on top. They go crazy eating them and then have a blast dust bathing. I always start this at one week of age especially since they will be free ranging. It's funny that even without a momma it is ll instinctive at such a young age
My Silkie chicks refused to eat eggs, greens, yogurt or any of the other treats I tried....until I blended up a bunch of raspberries from my garden. It is the only treat they will eat, and they will tackle each other to get it and steal pieces out of each others mouth, lol.
It is so much fun watching them.
My 5 day olds wouldn't pay any attention to the yogurt...so I put some in my hand and layed my hand on the bottom of the brooder and they went crazy!!! They had yogurt flung everywhere.....They would eat for awhile then run off and wipe their little beaks and then come running back for more.....And watermelon...stand back it may get ugly!!!!

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