What treat did your chickies get today?

It is full fall here but it when I got home from work and let the chickens out it was 82 degrees and the run and coop didn't have leafy trees to shade them so I made a special trip to go get nice cold watermelon for them as Zippy really loves it. Zippy had two bites and took off and Cleo jumped on my back and wiped her beak on my t-shirt. Next time - lima beans for those ingrates.
Okra from the garden (I cut them long-wise & they eat the inside), strawberries, and some pear my daughter didn't eat. Plus scratch. It was 80 degrees today so we haven't broken out the warm stuff yet.
The biggest problem I'm having is them pecking at my nail polish thinking they are grapes! Ouch.
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about the grapes. Speaking of which my girls love strawberries. My mom came over with sandals on the other day and she has red toenails.... needless to say my girls thought her toes were moving strawberry target practice and chased my mom all over our back garden
I gae her some socks, after I stopped laughing.
My little darlings got leftover pasta salad (cucumber got a wee bit slimy for my taste), goat's milk whey from cheese-making, celery stalk bits, and carrot tops. Oh, and this huge monster grasshopper I found outside the front door. That "chicken run" was hysterical to watch!
Go ladies go!!!!

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