What treats do your geese like best?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by plantcityhomestead, May 29, 2011.

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    I have read that spinach can be controversial, some think the oxolate or something prevents the absorption of calcium in birds so now I will feed it in only small amounts especially during laying season. I have also read about waterfowl who love peas as treats. also someone has this funny video of geese stampeding to get their carrots.
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    I've offerred my geese many fruits and vegetables. They will like something for a while and then turn up their bills at it another time. Most of the time they seem to enjoy whatever treats I give them. They include watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, grapes, cherries, peaches, plums, fresh corn on the cob, kale, romaine, green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, collard greens, strawberries, radishes, broccoli leaves, and tomatoes.
  3. small children.
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    chickensducks&agoose :

    small children.

    FUNNY!! And true!!

    My geese seem to like most anything. Any fruit or veggie. I give them scraps so they are never really getting too much of any one thing. They seem just as fond of clothing and chair seats so I guess it's hard to say what their favorites are.​
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    Fruit. Melon, soft apples. They love the seeds out of cantaloupe.

    They like clover and there is one specific grass that is soft and succulent that they are crazy about. They ate all of it in their pen, so I have to pick it and bring it to them.

    They like cheap dry cat food. The kind with lots of grain and fish. My nesting goose rarely comes off the nest, so I toss cat food in to her. She won't eat anything else I toss to her, but she will eat the cat food.

    I've got my geese trained to behave well (not to do tricks) and I did not use any food to do it. They know I bring food, but they also understand that they must wait patiently until it is placed into their feeder and I have stepped away. I've done all the training with tone of voice and body language.

    I just planted an entire row of chard for them, so they had better like it.
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    Be careful about the spinach. It actually pulls out the calcium out of their bodies. It takes a lot of calcium to make eggs and feathers. I stay away from it even tho. My ducks love it. I feed them green or red leaf lettuce . Did a lot of reading about it.
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    Im at the vets right now they are doung an xray of my gooses lungs. Think she might have pnumonia. How do they cath that?
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    Mine love my specially made cornbread! I load lots of nutritional goodies, apple, broccoli, carrots, raisins, cinnamon, zucchini, whatever veggie I may have goes into the mix. All my flock go crazy for this! I never want to rub out, I bake several pans and freeze it but it goes fast.
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    It seems geese develop individual preferences, so you'll need to find out what makes your geese happy.

    I'm on my 10th goose now, and they've all liked different treats. My current pet goose will do anything for bread, but none of the other geese I've had would even touch it. One pair loved plums; none of the others were interested. And my late pet goose was crazy about dried cat or dog food, which leaves my current goose completely disinterested.

    Be aware that popcorn should be unsalted. Salt gives them diarrhea.

    That article has been discussed in a previous thread, I think about a year or two ago. It doesn't seem to be based on any evidence or source, and since all geese I've met have loved dandelion greens and have eaten them abundantly, I highly doubt the value of the article.
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    Probably the same way you do. With drafty housing and not paying attention to their atmosphere around them They are live creatures. Put vitamin c in their water or use liquid vitamin c
    with a dropper. Also if you can find some MSM use that with the Vitamin C and it should help tremendously. Put the MSM in their water. Separate them from the flock and keep them warm and dry with good
    fresh food as well as fresh water and their regular food. give your goose lots of TLC and talk to her and pet her and give her a radio with Classical music to keep her calm.
    This is what I would do if it were mine. I treat all my ducks naturally and never take them to the vet since they have such little bird knowledge.
    Read about MSM on the internet and you will see how great and important it is. Sassy wren------ good luck.

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