What type feeder - waterer in cattle panel coop


9 Years
Oct 27, 2010
Cement, OK
We have several cattle panel coops & I have a small feeder hanging & the waterer is the large galvanized type setting on bricks. Was scared to hang it due to the weight of the waterer. What do you use or any suggestions?
One problem I have ran into setting the waterer on bricks is that often the ground isn't level & I have to shake the waterer to get the water to come out. I know if it was hanging it would level itself out. Do you hang a waterer in the cattle panel style coop?
I hang my waterers and feeders in mine. Been doing OK for the last four plus years now.


I don't use rope any more though as I've gone over to double loop dog chain. Easier to adjust height that way.
So glad to hear that hanging the waterer is working for you! I was just nervous that the frame work wasn't strong enough to support the weight. Have plenty of odds & ends of chain in the barn. Will try hanging it this weekend.

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