What type of Bantam rooster is this?


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8 Years
Jul 3, 2011
Stokesdale, NC
We got him from a swap one day from some people who no longer wanted him. He looks much better now that we have had him for awhile. His tail has grown out and is really starting to look like a beautiful bird. He has green tint as most black chickens do, but now he has yellow/orange stripes growing in his back feathers. Any ideas would be appreciated!



I also agree, he looks too big for a real OEGB but I have a friend who bought some from blacks from a hatchery and they looked pretty much like that.
can you get a pic of those stripes down his back as i am not fully convinced he is an oegb nor batanm at all
he looks just a little smaller then the rest of your chickens he is by. also his comb and wattles are quite big to me to be oegb (they are supposed to be dubbed but out of all the ones i have seen i have never seen one with comb and watlles that large even at 2 years old) hmmmm
I wish I could get a picture of his back, he usually runs away during the day and it's too dark at night when he's calm. He is much smaller than the others. We have 13 week old Ameraucana's that are bigger than him. The people that we got him from didn't say much, we almost think that he was fought. He only had one sprig of feathers for a tail when we got him. He almost doesn't look like the same bird now.

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