What type of comb would this be?

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    Here is some information on her. She has four and a half toes on each foot(her back toe splits into two), she has random red streaks mostly on her chest but she has white spots on her wing feathers and head feathers. Her mother was a RIR and her dad was a molted houdan. Is there a name for this type of hybrid?
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    Yep, she's called a mixed breed :) And theres no name for that comb type, just a blend of what the two parent birds contributed to the gene pool. How old is she?
  3. PixieChick19

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    She has not laid yet,but I'm guessing that she still has a few weeks to go before she starts her first laying season.
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    Barnyard Mix with a Funky Comb [​IMG]

    She's a cute little thing, love the 'do!
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