What type of ducks do i need?


11 Years
Feb 22, 2008
Cumming, Georgia
i have a 2 acre pond thats perfect for ducks...i want five or six ducks to live on this pond...Whay types should i get?

i was thinking maybe runners or cayuagas

ooo and i dont want them to fly off
I have one pekin, 1 runner and 3 rouens on my pond and it's smaller than yours. They haven't flown away here, the pekin is too big, and the others don't really try. I'm planning on getting a couple more runners this spring.

I initially didn't want my ducks to sleep on the pond at night, fearing predators but they wouldn't listen to me and spent every night out there till the pond froze. Now they just check it out nowand then (yup, it's still frozen, gang) and play in their heated pool.
None of the heavier breeds will fly off. Most of them are so domesticated, they wouldn't even think about it.

Really, you can choose any type of duck. Pekins may be a better target for predators because they are white, but if you are looking for flashy ducks, I recommend Swedish and cayugas. They have a beautiful sheen to their feathers. I especially like blue swedish.

If you provide shelter, you could even go with call ducks. They can fly a bit better than heavier ducks, but they too will stick around.
I have a roun, and pekins, and one cayogo, The pekins are funny and sweet. The cayogos are alittle tempery but pretty, and the roun's like to think they are mallards and can fly over a 6 ft fence with running start.
I would suggest a variety to add color and interest to your pond. Plus you can tell them apart and do a head count easier.
They really need a shelter to go in as they want. Nothing elaborate, just a low three sided shed away from the wind with some straw is fine. And if you have predators, they should be locked in a secure area at night.
Good thing you arent around me, your DUCK pond would be filled with canadian(who live year round so are now naturallized citizens) geese, and you cant force them to leave.

Get preaty yellow ones they are the best.
Marlin do you think we should start having more chiristmas geese in Maryland? I wish I had a pond I would get a few kaki Camped hens for eggs for bakeing.
you should try some geese.

some of the heavier breeds of ducks are:
rouens, swedishs, cayugas, pekins, aylesburys... and runners aren't heavy breeds, but they wont fly off.

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