What type of predator does this? (Graphic)

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Some critter chose my hen house for a midnight snack. We've had a few coyotes carry some chickens off but never anything like this. She was found about 30 ft from the entrance. Halfway between her and the entrance was a pile of feathers and some leftover guts. I haven't had too many nighttime predators so I have been leaving it open at night. Can you folks share your opinions as far as what type of predator does this. This poor wyandotte's days were numbered anyway due to her lack of production, but I would have been much more humane. :(

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If I was going to wager cash, I'd have to say raccoon (they aren't , by any stretch, fastidious eaters).
I don't know but, how terrible!
I hope it was at last a quick death. Sorry for your lose.
Just wondering did they have a enclosed secure pen the predator got through?
i don't think coon,,, a coon would have killed a bunch of birds, yes even to get just 1...... really don't see a cat doing this........ possibly a possum, but i would think a hungry possum, or coon would eat it all........... anything is possible........ lock em up n get a game camera to see who your adversary is..... you need to know your enemy....
Racoon. I think they eat the skin of chicken for same reason bears eats skin and gonads of a salmon. The vitamins and fat are more abundant in those tissues. It is a form of luxury consumption when the coons can afford to be picky eaters and may have increased need for certain nutrients, especially like when lactating or getting ready for winter. If racoons really hungry then they will eat whole bird.

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