What type of winter home?


Pine Hill Farm
11 Years
Apr 24, 2009
What type of winter home do peas need? We live in WV. I'd love some advice as it is getting chilly and DH needs to get on the ball making a better shelter. Thanks!
Many people that free range, have their bird outside year round.
Only the greens need heat.

Mine are caged ,and I move all to a barn with a flight pen.
I have three india blues, a boy and two girls. Hubby said we could put them in the garage or build an off the ground nest type area with a floor, ceiling, and sides. Is that enough? They are all only 7 months old.
Any small building will work, no need to be off the ground, just give them 2x4 roost, that way they can set on their toes and keep them warm.

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