What types of Nipple waters are the best and pop up or the 360

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8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
What types of Water nippels are the best and a prefeance in the 360 or the pop up type and anyone try the single action drip cup.
Looking at making a Auto water for the Chickens and turkeys also wonder about the winter do you all us heat tap on the waters so they dont freeze


8 Years
Jan 18, 2012
Milford, New Hampshire USA
i got my nipples off ebay 5 for under $4 and free shipping. they come from china so may take a while to get to the US, but cant beat the price. mine are in the bottom of 5 gal lowes bucket. i love it keeps the water cleaner longer and holds more water than the others. cant tell you about winter yet havent done so with chickens =)

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