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Sep 27, 2020
Hi, I'm Cheri. With the onset of COVID-19 and seeing a dozen eggs marked at $5.29, I went home and announced to my husband we should get chickens. We went to the local TSC and picked out 12 Barred Rocks and 3 Leghorns. We figured if we had an excess of roosters in our brood, we would just butcher them out. As luck would have it, we only got 2 roosters, both are Barred Rocks. Our chickens are now just over 6 months old and have been laying for about a month. We never lost a chicken after bringing them home, but we didn't think out this "plan" for the future. Our chickens have been completely free ranged for the last 3 months because we weren't prepared to grow with them, so to speak, and have taken over everything. Our backyard no longer has grass, the grandkids toys and everything else is covered in chicken poop, and our dogs (1 Pitt Bull & 1 John Russell mix) no longer want to go into the backyard. Oh, and the best part, the chickens think they own the entire place, not just the backyard. They come into the house if the kids leave the door open, they try to fly through the screened windows to get into the house, if we leave a vehicle window down, they are in the vehicle. If you sit in the back yard for very long, you can usually expect a chicken on your shoulder or in your lap. We need a chicken coop and pen! I Googled chicken coops made with fence panels which took me to Pinterest which got me here. It's time to rein in those chickens before they take over the neighborhood.

We are a multi-generational home at the moment. Our daughter and two grandchildren (1 & 2 years old) moved in with us in May 2020. Our daughter is a stay at home mom, my husband works at the local college, & I work at the women's domestic violence shelter and substitute teach. The grandchildren keep us busy when we aren't working as they prefer to be where we are, in the middle of whatever we are doing. So we try to teach them and introduce things to them as we work around the house.

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