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    I hope I'm putting this in the right section.

    I was just curious about something...
    A couple years ago, early or mid 2012, one of our chickens, Kludd (named after the villain Gahoole owl haha) was acting very strangely one day, just standing around, squinting her eyes, moving very slowly, and napping a lot throughout the day. Then all of a sudden, like the next day, she was back to her normal self and she never acted that way again.
    I was just wondering, was it some sort of 24-hour illness? Just a bad night's sleep? What exactly was it?
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    This will just be guesswork, of course. The first thing that occurred to me was an injury, something like a pulled muscle or sprained ankle. She may have been able to mask they symptoms after the first day. Chickens will do this, to avoid being singled out and possibly attacked by the flock. It doesn't sound like an infection.
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    Oh, ok! I don't know why, but a pulled muscle or something like that never occurred to me. Thanks a lot for your help, Flockwatcher!!!

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