What was the longest your hen raised her chicks?


8 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Raymond, NH
Our hen is still raising her chicks and they are 13 weeks old! In the past she only raised her chicks for 6 weeks or so. I am not sure why she has decided to hang onto these babies for so long? They are almost the same size as her but she still finds food for them and covers them when they are roosting.
My Summer is at 11 weeks with the 3 Silkie chicks (I took away the LF chicks). She still tells them where the yummy food is and snuggles with them at night. She is less protective, but then again the only creature she was protecting them from was the only other adult bird in the coop. :lol: Big bad *terrified* banty Cochin.
Good question. I have a hen I hope will care for her chicks through most of the winter. If it is cold will a hen care for her chicks longer?

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