What was wrong with my incubation environment??

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    Put large brown mostly orpington eggs in Brinsea Advance. This should have been an easy hatch. Instead it was one of my worst. Everyone was assisted and tricky. Most of them took 22.5 days but the problem was that they were very stuck to membrane. One was so stuck it couldn't move its wing. They seemed so pressured against egg, though wouldn't say there was a lot of liquid. It was like they were drying out and sticking too much before completely ready to hatch. It was seemingly taking too long so that they were doomed to dry out or become stuck. It was recently calibrated but temp may have been .4 degrees low. (set at 99.1) So there are some variables here and one is that they were shipped eggs. I used hydrometer to check humidity but these things not accurate. Did keep both areas full of water as instructions dictated and room itself was 30% human and 68 degrees to 71 degrees.
    One chick was looking good with nice beak poking out, and when ready turned himself all around and suffocated! Never saw that before..Another died at about 17- there was much moisture and near full yolk still but he was turn around..
    Eggs were shipped. Was all that due to slightly low temp. Was humidity too high or low?? Another

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    Just guesses at this point but it sounds like temp was low throughout and humidity low at the end.
    You don't know anything about the breeder flock so they could have had a nutritional issue.

    This may help.


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