What was your luckiest moment as a chicken keeper?


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Aug 30, 2021
My luckiest moment was when I was working outside and saw a fox stalking the hens. I watched it for a minute (because it was interesting) then chased it away. If I hadn't been there, the birds would have been killed.
eek! I guess you have a lot of foxes…


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Mar 19, 2021
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My Coop
It's more of a blessing, but this is how Lucky (My OEGB) got her name: During the big winter storm in February we lost our electricity, in which the heat lamp for my two chicks lost power. It was probably around or below freezing in the room they were in. I tried to save them with my body heat, but sadly one died. The survivor is now named Lucky, a wonderful hen!
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Lucky and Toots the rooster.
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I think this is their chick (raised by a different hen):
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I hwve a question. Are OEGB's a friendly breed?

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Sep 18, 2018
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My luckiest was also my worst. A mink got into the coop with my original four hens and killed three before I could get outside. The lucky part is that my Buff Orpington, Honey, managed to fly up to the highest roost and survived. She is the queen of my flock, and although she has had bumblefoot and a leg injury, Honey continues to reign at about 7 years old.

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May 10, 2020
too close to Waco, TX
I walked into Orsheln last spring and saw a whole bin of miscellaneous chicks marked down to $1 each. Many of them were yellow and built like Baby Huey so I bought all of those; the lady gave me 14 for $10. They were week/10 day old Cornish X and finished out nicely.

I recently went in and saw RIRs in the discount bin and bought 6 for $1 each because $1 each and because chickens.


Jun 23, 2020
My luckiest moment was when our neighbour gave us 2 baby chicks, we put them in the coop and walked off, later when we went to check them we found our cat wandering off with 1 hanging out of his mouth!
We managed to rescue him and he had a big puncture mark in his neck that swelled up like a golfball.
Amazingly with abit of tlc and cleaning he survived and lived until last year when he died at the age of 10.
He was the most protective rooster of his girls but so gentle too, we were so lucky he survived.


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