What we call our "wild" chickens

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    So, in the city where we used to live, there were these chickens living on the streets by our local Winco. They were kinda funny to watch, and people would feed them in their yards. Well, a few years back, they all infested the playground of a local church. Animal Control was called and over the course of a few weeks the animals were captured. well.. i have a friend (fondly known as the "chicken lady"[​IMG]) who loved having the chickens around and couldn't stand what was happening.. and that's how we got our "wild" chickens! most of them were caught as babies and we have some of the originals as well as a 4th generation! i'm assuming their bantams, but i just think of them as mutts :p
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    They would be considered Land race because they survived several generations in their environment on their own. Usually they will be extremely hardy and easily adapt to new environments. I had a flock like that a few years back... a motly crew of Large fowl and bantams Immensely entertaining for sure... YOu cant beat them for hatching eggs for sure.

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    Interesting story! Nice looking birds. :)
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    What a story! Thanks for sharing! Nice looking birds you've got too. [​IMG] Enjoy them all.

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