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Lil Chickie Mama

10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I rescued a hen from some people that didn't know how to take care of her and after thoroughly checking her over and quarantining her I started introducing her to my flock. I kept her in an adjacent pen and they attacked the barrier for a while but soon gave up. I let her spend a few hours a day with just the females and she was picked a little bit but mostly ran and hid, but that was the end. Then last night I allowed her access to the roost and half of my flock put themselves to bed and didn't bother her (that I saw, but she was still cuddled with them) and when I sent the other half inside and they started to roost they chased her away. I put her back up on the roost and didn't let them peck her and then I started to walk away. There was a little pecking as everyone found their place but they let her stay. This morning I went out EARLY just in case they were going to pick at her when they woke up and I opened the door so they could go out and free range like usual. This was still a bit dark but they were all awake, just no one had made it to the floor yet and she was roosting and cuddling with them fine. I go out later around my lunch break and she's in the coop alone and so I brought her outside to the grass but they started to chase her. I locked her out of the coop hoping they would work it out and I tossed some rice and some tomatoes around to distract them. Later she was by herself again, scared. I put her back by herself, no reason to stress her out, but what went wrong? Should I just keep trying? Should I put her with them again tonight and not let them out to free range until later in the morning? I was afraid if they weren't let out early they would find distraction in picking her.
I don't know how big your quarantine pen is - but what I would do is take 2 or 3 hens that you KNOW were okay with her and put them in there with her.

Leave them all about a week if you can until they 'group up'. Then when you release them she will be one of the group instead of an outsider.

Keep us posted
Normally there is one that does most of the picking so I find a way of keeping here distracted & she will fit in after a few days. If you separate her again you just have to start over.

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