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  1. so my buff. is broody and she has been for about 1 now.. i just ordered fertilized eggs.. and they will be coming in tomorrow.. so what happens if i get the eggs and she sits on them for 2 weeks and gives up because she would of been sitting on them for 3 weeks to her... [​IMG]

    Any suggestions? I dont have an incubator because i cant afford one, so incubating myself is out of the question... I could always try and sit on them myself??!?! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] and hope for the best?
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    Hens do not have calendars. She won't give up after 21 days and will hatch the clutch in the vast majority of cases. She can't count either and will be delighted that she has somehow acquired extra eggs. also don't be too worried at day 21 no chicks have appeared, she can't read either and doesn't realise the books have said she should hatch on day 21. (For all these things we are infinitely grateful......it leaves us to do all the worrying rather than the hen!)

    If you have eggs through the post always let them rest for 24 hours at room temperature with the pointy end down to let the embryo settle. If you have purchased them locally or been given them give it at least 12 hours. It is often best to introduce the eggs at night, though my really broody hens would roll any eggs placed in front of them very quickly under themselves until they could cover no more.

    Don't worry, you are not going to have to carry the eggs around strapped to your body!

    Good Luck,

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    Yep, no fears. Mamma hen will know just what to do.

    I had one sit broody on two golf balls for about 10 days before I could get fertile eggs for her. Then they didn't hatch so I swapped out the eggs for day old chicks. Now she is happily herding a little flock of chicks around our yard. They are polish and she is a Wyandotte - so you can mix up days, eggs, chicks and breeds . . . . mamma will still know just what to do [​IMG]

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