What will I get !....?

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  1. I begged and begged a lady to give me these chicks... And she did! They're 3 black polish to brown leghorns and 1 black polish to barred rock! What will these grow up to look like?

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    will probably have a crest of some amount and lay white to lightly tinted eggs if they are pullets
  3. The one that's mixed with a brown egg layer is a cockerel so yea there should only be white eggs! The cockerel has a tuft of fuzz where a crest would be and he's getting some barred patterns on the wings! The 3 BR mixes have BR feathers on the wins and have red muffs and faces. Haven't seen and tufts of fuzz yet, but should soon! The 3 are girls!

  4. Btw they all have a single comb ( BRs have a flopped over single comb) that all end to a V-comb! It's cute!

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