what will they be when they grow up?


6 Years
Apr 8, 2013
Ok. here are my newest silkies. I love them all! I got them from a man who breeds them for fun and I am curious what everyone thinks they will be when they grow up. the parents are all pure colors BUT he had them all mixed together so the chicks are mixed. The dad is either buff or blue partridge and the mom's are blue, splash, buff, or grey. There are 8 chicks in the box and I'm thinking 2 partridge, 2 splash, and maybe some grey or blue fathered by the buff rooster? They all, accept the one really light one with no poof on it's head have brown around their eyes. What does that mean? and is the silvery patterned one a silver/grey partridge? is that possible from this mix? I'll add better pictures soon. Also, the brown one has green legs which I'm told can be caused by the buff parentage.... Is that true?

Any guesses are great! I have never had any silkies outside of blues/splash/black so the other colors are new to me.

Also this is my favorite chiken ever! His name is Yeti ans I've had him for close to 3 years. Is he what's called calico?

Thanks everyone!

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