What would a Buff Orpington x Delaware look like?


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Feb 5, 2010
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If you cross a Buff Orpington rooster with a Delaware hen the chicks would be sex-links (according to Tadkerson's very helpful sticky
). What color would the resulting pullet chicks grow up to be? Would they look kinda like a buff columbian?
Has anyone done this cross? Thanks!
I have not done Buff Orp, but my BLUE Orp roo and my Del hens produced one pullet that looks like a black sex link - she got the black legs, dark eye and gold leakage on her feathers, and two roos (they had the spots on their head, so I knew at birth) one of which is light blue and lightly barred on his head, tail and neck with a rust spot on one wing, and one roo that is cuckoo patterned- black and cream. Don't know if that helps you or not - you could pm Tadkerson and ask - he is usually extremely nice in helping the rest of us.
Male Delaware to female Buff Orpington looks just like Del's with a few splatters of rust colored feathers showing up anywhere including the males tailfeathers. I have some that are 4 and a half months old, from my daughters Buff hen and my Del roo. They are pretty, sweet, good natured, and big birds. They are going to my mothers for a laying flock, and the excess roos go to the freezer this weekend. I have no idea what a Buff roo over a Del hen would create.
Thanks joletabey and Cindiloohoo! That's good to know.

I asked tadkerson, and he says (BO roo x Delly hen):

Females- buff columbian like - with very little black in the hackles

males - delaware like- almost white with some black in the tail- very little or no black in the hackles. Older males may develop some buff or yellowish color in the pyle zone ( neck hackles, back, saddle hackles).

I was thrilled to here that! I LOVE buff columbian! But all the purebreds with that color are poor layers... Yipee!
pics please. I just recently had a surprise hatch of a cross between a bantam delaware rooster and a standard buff orpington hen. The chick is goldish colored and the sprouting wing feathers look dark or barred? at 4 days old.
I know this is an old post but I rescued a hen that could be the result of breeding a Buff Orpington & a Delaware...she does have big, pink legs & feet, though, someone said maybe a bit of Brahma in there. Unfortunately, I am not sure, but whatever she is, isn't she lovely? 🥰


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