What would a low humidity do to a duckling hatching


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May 2, 2015
I have assorted duck eggs and they are going to hatch very soon but my humidity has been around 40% and I'm wondering if that effects pipping and hatching to much??? Please help soon!
Your humidity for lockdown (last 3 days of incubation) needs to be 65-70%.What day are you on? The humidity should be 35-50% for the first 25 days .Low humidity at hatching time will dry out the chick that it gets stuck inside the membrane of the egg and can't get free of it.It's called shrink wrapped.
I'm on day 23 ish and one has started to poke at the inner membrane and the egg shook a little but that is all the action so far. Also if it stops trying to pip for a bit is that okay?

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