What would be a good, reliable breed or two of bantam?


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Jun 23, 2008
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What are your opinions on the best breed of bantam(s) that I could raise in a tractor? I really like sebrights and seramas so I was thinking about getting a trio of each?


Only one breed!!
No way!!! Get more tractors! OEGB are the bomb!!! Japs are really cool with their little bity legs! Bantam Shamos are proud strong birds. Brahmas are fluffy...cochins are fluffier...silkies will take your soul and cause you to become thier servant...I think you need more tractors
I did happen to find someone near me on craigslist with Silkies hmm..... lol I guess I could just make more tractors.

Thanks for the suggestions!
Get the breed that most appeals to you. Every breed is a bit different, and what appeals to me, or someone else may not be what appeals to you. Henderson's chicken chart has a good list of characteristics for most common breeds. Feathersite can give additional info on the breeds that interest you most.

Yesterday I got 3 little bantams off of craigslist for 10 bucks. they even came with half a bag of feed! They are a month old and they are crossed between a sebright father and a Japanese mommy! lol

I have them in a big rat cage inside my quail pen for fight now while I finish their tracotr. They lokk so small and I think they are going to get lost inside their new home. Lmao


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