What would cause a chick to lay an egg too young?


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May 11, 2009
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Ok so I am dealing with what I think is a prolapsed vent. I think this because it looks like all the pics. Its a confusing mess since this bird is supposed to be a roo but anywho. I kept digging for what to do which seemed to help but then a couple days later it has happened again. So more digging. and I ran across this explanation on another website " It happens when a hen lays an egg a bit bigger than normal and her vent (cloaca) turns partially inside out."

Ok first is it always an egg issue. If it is what would cause a chick to lay an egg too young. Is there something i should be doing to delay this? This bird is at most 12 weeks. Ok if its not always an egg issue what else will cause this? Is there something I am not doing right?

What I am doing:
Ok so about 12 weeks. They are still on chick starter. They do get a bit of pullet oyster shell simply because they steal the older hens stuff when they escape constantly. Male or female would this cause an issue?
I do have them on ACV in one waterer and plain water in their metal one. They get to snack on clover and scrambled eggs( once or twice a week at most). They do sometimes get into the goslings food also which is 20% protein. Could that be what I am doing wrong. Maybe if I only fed the goslings outside when the chicks are still in the secure area? I am new and don't want to be causing unnecessary issues by doing simple but very wrong things. Could this be from over feeding. These are Barred Rocks and they tend to be little pigs but I do everything free choice at this point.

If you see something in this that I am doing wrong, please let me know because I have several more young ones to finish up this season and if I can avoid mistakes early that would be for the best. Thanks
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Apr 22, 2010
i cant really see anything that youve done wrong, i have seen on here that prolapsed vents are not always cause by the laying of a to large egg, and that there are even times when it happens to the chicks. also once it happens i believe you are supposed o seperate the bird from the flock to keep the others from pecking at the site, and also keep the light lower and keep the bird a little warmer. i personally dont know what but perhaps something to soften the stools, not that i needs to be any softer. and also that this problem has the tendency to continually happen for up to thee or four weeks before they finally get completely healed, luckily for you it is a rooster, so there is not an egg pushing everything back out 26 hours later. The main concern with getting into feed and oyster shell is the fact that thier little kidneys and livers cant deal with the extra calcium, and if they get to much, it may cause bone growth issues(getting too heavy too fast). i dont see an issue with the gosling feed so long as the calcium is low, if i want nice big pretty chickens, i start them on wild game bird starter instead of regular chick starter, because of the higher protein. only other thing i can think of is to maybe drop the ACV down to once or twice a week instead of keeping it going constantly.

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