what would cause Rooster to attack hen

Nanny Deb

5 Years
May 25, 2017
I had been in coop yard area most of the day building and separation area for almost grown babies inside the big coop. My jenny chicken is a attention hog and quite snarky.. She kept pecking at me and was getting aggressive so shewed her with my broom and scolded her. Later as they were going to bed I watched to see what reactions would be.. To my surprise, My Roo almost killed my jenny ckicken... Hes a green legged hatch. He can be aggressive and its been a love hate relationship between us.. HE protected the girls form a hawk and won.. so he earned my love.. but when he attacks one of the girls.. Hes never been fond of my while leghorn...n Any thoughts on this behavior.. Im seriously thinking of putting him down, as I dont want any more altercarions.. but if ya think it may be sonething else.. I willing to listen to save his life.
no he attacked her.. Almost killed her.. broke her leg and was going for the kill until I broke it up... He has chased the white leghorns from the beginning.. They are younger chickens and born this spring.. He doesn't like them much.. Bu I have red dominicker also younger and he likes them a lot. He just for what ever reason does not the white hens.. But to attack and try to kill her.. that was odd

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