What would cause this color of poo?

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  1. yomama

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    Hope this is the right section to post this. I found some odd colored poos today, while doing my daily chicken poop cleanup. I have 12 hens, and one Peking duck. Not sure who it came from, but found numerous piles of it today. Some were runny, some were formed, so no concern of diarrhea, I think. My girls are fed layer crumbles, and really only have access to dirt right now, since the rest of the yard with the grass is so wet, and I am trying to let the grass recover from them. They did, however, have access to the grass the past couple of days,after not being on it for quite a few weeks. They have also had some red cabbage, but this is not new to them. The green color of the poop doesn't quite come through as vivid in the pics. It's like a bright forest green color, (like the color of the stuff that some grass seed companies mix in with their grass seed to help it grow better). Any ideas what would cause this?? Sorry for the quality of the pics, as I took them with my phone. I couldn't get any good ones of the formed poops, but here are some of the runny ones:
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    When mine have purple cabbage their poop turns a teal color, but it doesn't get runny like your pictures show.
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    I am out of town and do not have access to all my wonderful chicken medical "stuff" but if you prowl BYC for a poop chart you will get an idea as to why the poop is that color. Never have fed colored cabbage myself..hope that is somewhat helpful... LOL
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    I remember in science class like 20 yrs ago, we used the red juice of the cabbage to "test" things for their ph by observing its color change. I'm going to assume one of your chickens ate a lot more than the others and that the ph of their digestive juices changed the color. I remember giving mine melon once and swearing I would never do that again because they all had splattery poops for the next day or two. It was messy!
    But I would guess it's okay :) and just a reaction of one bird getting most of the cabbage.
  5. yomama

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    Thanks everyone! I actually have this poo chart saved, but didn't really see any that were quite the same color. I'll keep an eye on the poos, and see if it continues. Again, not all the poos were runny like the ones pictured. I had picked up poop, and those were the only ones that were left when I decided to take a pic, lol!
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    I just checked the poo chart . I am glad to see my chickens poo are all normal.
  7. yomama

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    It's a nice reference to have on hand. Amazing what is considered "normal". Well, to those that said the weird poo was probably the cabbage, I think you were right. The day after finding odd colored poo, there were only some that looked like they were a fading version. Yesterday, gave them the rest of the cabbage, which wasn't much, and was more of the light centered core. Curious to see if the green poo comes back. So far, not yet.

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