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    Jun 29, 2011
    what would happen if if you breed a golden seabright with a silver one
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    If you used a Golden Sebright rooster on a Silver Sebright hen, you would get sexlinked Sebrights, which could be sexed by color as babies, juveniles and adults. Males would look very similar to or identical to a Silver Sebright, females would look very similar to or identical to a Golden Sebright.

    If you reverse the cross (SS rooster on GS hen) the chicks will not be sexlinked. You can pm "RAREROO" or "tadkerson" with your question(s). They are really smart with this kind of stuff! [​IMG]
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    Jul 19, 2008
    Any way you do the cross the silver males and females may show some buff/cream on them also. The buff/cream color on them is due to an autosomal gene or genes (not sex linked) found in the golden parent.

    I agree with Cowgirl on the sex linked cross.

    golden male X silver female = golden females and silver males

    The silver males may leak some buff/cream on their bodies. As they get older they will yellow. I would not use these males for breeding. The females would be fine for breeding golden.

    silver male X golden female= silver females and silver males. The males are just like the males in the first cross. These females will be silver but may leak buff/cream on their bodies.
    These birds could be used to make golden birds but not silver.

    The problem with silver birds is that the autosomal red shows in them.

    Always breed silver to silver to get more good silver birds. The autosomal red can be removed from a line ( I have accomplished this) but why do it unless you have to.

    All in all it is best to breed silver to silver and golden to golden.


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    [email protected] :

    what would happen if if you breed a golden seabright with a silver one

    There would be disorder in the Universe resulting in chaos.​

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