What would I feed 2 chickens?


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Apr 24, 2014
Recently I've been told by my parents,I'm allowed a pet chicken after August.I'm going to build them a custom coop so they have a larger area to roam around,and safe at night..
I'm going to get a rooster and a hen,and I didnt know how much to feed them.

The biggest bag of feed,my local pet store sells is layer pellets in 20kg bags and mixed corn in 20kg bags. How many times would this feed them and how much do I feed them a day.I'll feed them daily but the amount I'm unsure about.
The chickens will also have hay,grass and they'll have access to a feeder,but I'll half the food they're meant to have,and put the half into a feeder for them to share.

Also,Would a fox be able to attack my chickens in their coop. At night,I'll put the chickens in bed-boxes so no foxes can get them,but they'll be really big and They'll have to share a bed-box.
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Jul 24, 2013
A 20kg bag (44lbs\) should last two chickens 88 days, assuming each bird eats 1/4 pound of feed a day, which is normal for a large fowl chicken. However, your birds may eat more or less; this is just the average. I'd give the food to them free choice. That way, they can eat what they need. Chickens will rarely overeat.

It may be a good idea to reconsider getting a rooster and a hen. If a rooster is kept with just one hen, he can overbreed her, causing feather damage, wounds, and a stressed-out hen. If you want pet chickens, two hens would probably work out better. Some roosters can be mean, and if you keep them with too few hens, the hens can get hurt.

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