What would I get?

Does anybody know what the color and patterning would be with a Golden comet over a Silver Laced Wyandot? Just curious.

thats very interesting, Golden commets are gold based Dominant white wheaten and columbian restricted, I think most have only one copy of dominant white

Silver Laced Wyandottes are Silver based black laced(pattern gene, Columbian and Melanotic) and eb..

This cross should give you many different looking birds depending on the gender

for example below hen shows to be gold and incomplete lacing, you can expect incomplete lacing but NOT gold as the father will be Silver... you can also expect 50% all white or nearly all white pullets as they will be Silver(white) and their black lacing will be turned white by dominant white, so as far as pullets go 50% will be silver incomplete laced and 50% nearly all white..


GLC X Buff Columbian - Very dark lacing, great size, lots of fluff (she wouldn't relax for the photo), way too light in the ground color


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