What would it take, Delaware orps?


Jun 24, 2015
What colors/markings of Orpington would need to be bred together to get a Delaware/Columbian Orpington? We bought 4 "Orpington" chicks. The breeder said he had "buff, whites, and some blues" in his breeding pen. These chicks look like the "Delaware Orpingtons" from Essex Orpingtons so far. The different markings on the pullets and cockerel is consistent with them as well. I'll have to get pictures tomorrow, but it's just burning in my mind. Maybe the "buffs" have some markings then bred with the "white"? He said there was some cuckoo in there somewhere too. I wish he'd be more clear. Which leads me to believe they could quite possibly be some other breed or a backyard mix and he just totally ripped us off. Maybe he thinks I don't care? Or he doesn't even know the proper terminology for what he has?

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