What would you do? TURKEYS!


11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Brewton, Ala.
I've been offered a young pair of Royal Palms. Good mannered birds, just need rehoming due to predators issues at their current home. What would you do? Housing and run space is no issue. Only concerns are that we've never owned turkeys... Also, we have about 25 chickens.

Any input/comments are appreciated.
We got turkeys to "test" the brooder out. We love them. They follow me around like lost puppy dogs. The only problem we have is one hen thinks she need to roost on top of the coop each night.
What I would do would be take the turkeys!
Turkeys fly a lot better than chickens.... At least younger or lighter ones..... When toms get big and heavy they aren't much on flying. The hens generally remain pretty good fliers though.
My 6 bourbon reds were an experiment. I love them!!!! They see me in the yard and come running. Just like a faithful dog. When I go to pick raspberries, I have to sneak around the garage and barn so they don't see me. They like to "help."
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