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    Sep 19, 2008
    I've been dealing with Feather picking for months now. Started this winter when they were closed up for a while with our bad weather. I've downsized my flock from 26 to 8 trying to get it to stop, increased protein, they have ample run/coop room so space is not an issue. One of my EE's is picked on terrible, and I've been watching and it's my Dominique chickens who are pulling feathers. I'm down to 2 EE's, 3 Dominique & 3 BO's. I'm considering now re-homing my 3 Dominiques. All 3 BO's have bare bottoms, so I know they are targets too. What would you do, I can not stand to look out and see my chickens with bare bottoms, I feel like a terrible owner and it really bothers me!! I think the people who took the rest of my re-homed flock will gladly take these ones as well, so I know they would go to a good home with chickens they already know and they would be free ranged as well.
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    You could put chicken saddles on them until their feathers grow back. We have a feather picker in our flock, but she's an old lady and doesn't really do any harm. I've found that they generally, unless they are very persistent, don't like the taste of vaseline. You could also use Blue Cote (I think, although I've never used it myself.)
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    What about peepers?
    I've seen them on guineas and pheasant, but never chicken. It might work, though.
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    Quote:Worked wonders with my girls--- all of them have beautiful fluffy behinds and backs now and it only took a few weeks to see a huge improvement--- As the poster said it was winter that caused the problem I think as well --- too much time indoors. I believe I may have exacerbated it by using artificial light--- this winter no extra lighting because I really believe too much light = too many hours to fill with mischief. [​IMG]
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    Have you checked for lice or mites. I read somewhere on here that if our chickens have bare butts and lots of picking they might have lice. Get some dusting powder and dust them. See if this helps. I'm getting something this weekend for mine.

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